Hey boys,

So here is the skinny (a “quick reference” if you will). It covers a wide range of random things so I have tried to divide it up to avoid a wall of text, but no promises.

1) What do I need from you?

- get a character up (or sign up…everybody but Carmin…) - throw up a background for your character (even if we already know it as you are reusing a character, sometimes writing it can be helpful. Also, don’t be afraid to change anything about your character). Here are some questions I need answered (although more information is always welcome):

a) How do you know the other characters? Why do you choose to associate with them?

b) Do you have any connections to any organizations or people in Vancouver? (you can either name them, ie. the Vancouver Sun, or be vague and let me fill the gaps, ie. the media)

c) What do you do for fun?

d) What do you do to keep yourself fed and sheltered?

e) What do you love?

f) what do you hate?

g) What is your greatest fear?

2) NPC structure

- So when you look at NPCs posted in the other section they will have as their subheading a bit about their allegiances. This should appear right below their name. I just wanted to point this out, as it should help keep everything straight as to who is loyal to whom. Note: Everyone is assumed to be (at least nominally) loyal to Siegfried, so only those who are part of his inner circle or bodyguard are marked as “Siegfried’s Court.”

3) Forgive the horrible style and grammar of the entries. I am just trying to get everything up right now. I will edit it when I have time.

4) More to follow

Shadows Under Vancouver

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