Bruno Falzone

Ghoul Tough - Siegfried's Court


Physical: Bruno is a young-ish looking guy of (very vaguely) Italian descent. He is a monster of a man standing 6’8" tall. He looks like a (very rough) 25, which means he looks closer to his actual age (which is 43).

Demeanor: Bruno is a nice enough guy, but dumb as a stump. If he hadn’t been made a ghoul he would probably still be working some dead-end construction gig (or doing a couple years in prison). He like sandwiches, pretty dames, fast cars, money…and umm…not much else. Oh, and he loves animals (especially his kitten).

Background: Bruno was born into a large Italian family in north Burnaby. He was a good boy (as his mama would say), he just ran with the wrong crowd. This unfortunately got him mixed up in some pretty nasty shit, but whatever Bruno could handle it. This attitude resulted in him going into and out of young offenders facilities, at least until he was 18 and the state could put him away for 6 years.

After his time away Bruno decided he best go straight and moved up north to get away from it all. This new life of hard work and fresh air didn’t agree with his sensibilities, however, and soon he was headed back down the coquihalla to Vancouver. It was on this trip that he meet Josh Borman, a hitch hiker looking for a ride (and a Gangrel on the run from some local werewolves).

Borman needed help, and made Bruno an offer he couldn’t refuse, “unlimited strength and never getting old” just to watch him while he slept (during the day? Strange guy). Thus Bruno became a ghoul.

Upon arriving in Vancouver, Josh learned he hadn’t just pissed off the werewolves up north and was given up by Siegfried to the local Forsaken in order to solidify the newly formed truce. This left Bruno without a source of Vitae and the hunger started to grow. Siegfried, naturally, always had need of (relatively) capable help and so (once again) Bruno was given an ultimatum. He could work at the docks (as a under-boss no less!) and occasionally do some dirty work (under the radar of course) or he could try to make it on his own. Bruno accepted.

Now he spends most of his nights hauling freight, but every now and then he needs to break someone or torch something. The pay is good, the work is easy (or enjoyable when its not) and Bruno couldn’t be happier.

How you know him: He showed up last campaign as one of the toughs who did a couple jobs for the PCs as they carved a path of destruction through Vancouver.

Bruno Falzone

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