Jon K. Sammson

Daytime Executive Officer - Siegfried's Court


Physical: He looks like an average man of middle age. Mr. Sammson is always impeccably dressed in dark suits, but does add some colour to his wardrobe with bright tie (only on special occasions). He stands 5’9" tall, and has dark hair and unassuming features.

Demeanor/Background: He has been described as a genius, and as a rat. Jon K. Sammson is a perfect DEO and takes his job of running the Siegfried’s affairs during the day very seriously. This is probably why he has held the job for well over a hundred years. He was personally chosen by Siegfried to serve as his representative while the prince slept and has been the (daylight) face of his many corporations since the prince first arrived in North America.

He has significant influence with Siegfried (although not as much a Julie Foster, which he hates). It is still a mystery to some (especially Sammson) as to why he has never been embraced. Perhaps he is just to good at his job…?

How you know him: You probably don’t, he mainly operates during the day. You have certainly heard of him though, and (probably) know that crossing him will result in bad news for you.

Jon K. Sammson

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